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Wedding: Nuran & Chris

Whew! For this wedding, I shot almost 3000 images and another 500 images at the post-wedding bride and groom session. That is a lot of processing to do when you have a full time day job, and the holidays to deal with.

I photographed Chris and Nuran last March for their engagement and that session turned out some great photos. I’m equally proud of the photos of the wedding and couple session. Here are a few choice shots.

My favorite images are the few that I used a new technique (the Brenizer Method) to create. Ryan Brenizer is a fantastically talented New York wedding photographer whom I’ve been following on Flickr for almost 5 years now (well before he dove into the wedding business). This technique involves using many different images that you stitch together later to compose a single shot. Stitching multiple frames together for panoramic photos is nothing new, but specific to this method is the shallow depth of field, which becomes almost three dimensional in the final composite image. These first two images were created using this technique.

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    Thanks, man! Looks great!

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